Boston Center of Excellence

The Boston Center of Excellence (BoCE) for Health and Human Development is fulfilling the vision of the great Swami Vivekananda who for the first time introduce the ideas of Yoga and Dharma in the West.

He envisioned to have a center in Boston to do original research in the Vedic Sciences. BoCE is a a humble beginning towards that.

Researchers, Scholars, Students, Practitioners, Businesses and Philanthropists - all are invited join us.

Why Choose Yoga?

Yoga makes you feel better.

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Yoga makes your body strong, supple and healthy.

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Yoga helps you quieten your mind, makes you feel calm.

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Yoga helps you to stay focused.

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Yoga helps you to accept whatever life brings to your table.

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Yoga helps you to make better choices.

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Yoga makes you more aware.

Ayurveda and Yoga

Our Experts Says!

Ayurveda and Yoga are systems that approach an individual as a microcosm considering all aspects of their being such as their diet, lifestyle, relationships, mental health, spirituality, and environment and assessing its influence on quality of life and happiness. Both systems originate from the Indian subcontinent and have been proven to reduce pain, heal the root causes and also help rehabilitation for those who are suffering from over-use or addiction. Yoga has become mainstream and is widely utilized for therapeutic yield specifically in the management of pain. Ayurveda has long employed natural resources for the reduction or curative effect in various ailments resulting in acute to chronic pain. and development and proper education.