Boston Center of Excellence

The Boston Centre of Excellence for Health and Human Development (BoCE)  has the vision to bring the best of the East and the best of the West to bring happiness, wellness, and reduce human suffering.


We have envisioned that the Centre in Boston will do the original research in Vedic sciences, modern medical sciences, education, etc.


BoCE is a humble beginning for that. Researchers, scientists,  scholars, students, practitioners,  businesses, and philanthropists are invited to join us in this endeavor.


The objectives of BoCE are to work on integrative medicine and holistic health to bring modern medicine and traditional and alternative medicines such as Yoga, Ayurveda, and naturopathy together to reduce human suffering and bring wellness and happiness.


We want to bring the best of the East and the best of the West in various fields.


— Providing affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare by bringing the best of modern medicine and traditional medicine together.

— Bringing best practices in education from both East and West to provide high-quality education along with leadership development for a better world.

— Sustainable development and climate-friendly initiatives by bringing best practices in carbon sequestration.

Modern medicine has given our societies great many benefits including reduction of child mortality, immunization & prevention of diseases and reduction of pain and suffering of millions. Overall our longevity has significantly gone up. Modern technologies both machines and software powers including artificial intelligence and genetics have brought a revolution in detection, diagnosis, possible prevention and reduction of pain and suffering of millions.

Health Care around the world today has triple challenges of Cost, Quality and Accessibility.

Health Care around the world today has triple challenges of Cost, Quality and Accessibility.

While cost of health care has risen significantly in past 50 years, quality and access has not improved significantly.

In addition, three major maladies of our modern health care system worry us all:

  • Significant number of iatrogenic illnesses, complications and deaths which has to do with various activities of a physician or therapy are major cause of concern today. These happen mostly at hospitals and clinics.
  • Huge impact of side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. It is not just the crisis of the pain medicines and opioids, but drugs have many side-effects and sometimes fatal. Large number of people suffer from these side effects, hospitalized and deaths.
  • Due to rampant usage of antibiotics, resistance to antibiotics draws shadow of the so called super-bugs since we do not have means to deal with it as yet. On top, we do not have much weapons against viruses as well.

While modern health care systems around the world developed over past two centuries, various societies around the world had developed indigenous, mostly nature based interventions to deal with illnesses.

In India, China and other countries with ancient traditions, indigenous systems kept people healthy. The oldest among these are the systems of Yoga and Ayurveda. Yoga and Ayurveda can bring solutions to many of our challenges in Health. It can truly bring the Vedic idea of ‘sarvesukhinasantu, sarvesantuniramayah’ let everybody be happy and healthy, none should suffer.

BoCE believes that an integral approach to health care, using modern technologies and care systems along with the traditional knowledge and systems of Yoga and Ayurveda can help us tremendously in

prevention, affordability and real cure of various ailments. It also can properly address the three maladies mentioned above.

BoCE is committed to providing the platform to bring together experts and institutes from around the world to create research opportunities.

After food and shelter, good health, both physical and mental is the most fundamental requirement for humans to achieve anything in life. However, BoCE looks beyond the health and wellness of all. Ultimately ‘human development’ in all aspects of life will change our societies to evolve into a more creative, peaceful, and progressive world. Therefore the name – Boston Center of Excellence for Health and Human Development.

Climate change is an existential challenge before humanity. Lifestyle change based on yoga and Ayurvedic principles can hugely impact our environment.

BoCE Is Bringing The Best Of The East And Best Of The West For Reducing Human Suffering.